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Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Steps 2 Success kicked off 2023 with a celebration for clients in the new Matched Savings program, sponsored by LISC Jacksonville (Local Initiatives Support Corporation).

On January 19th, 19 participants each received a gift donated by VyStar Credit Union’s Emerging Leaders of Tomorrow for making the first required deposit into their savings account.

S2S received a Matched Savings grant from LISC in October 2022. The grant provides clients an opportunity to increase their savings and help them increase their assets.

“It has always been my desire to offer our clients an incentive that would provide a financial boost to increasing their assets,” Director of Steps 2 Success Michelle Hughes said. “The Match Savings program is the first incentive we have implemented to assist our clients on their journey to gaining financial stability.”

Clients must save at least $56 per month for nine months, totaling $500 or more. S2S will then match the client $500 at the end of the nine months. The program will help clients work toward decreasing a non-asset debt. Clients without non-asset debt will use their savings for homeownership, citizenship, or opening a retirement account.

S2S is Florida’s first Financial Opportunity Center. FOCs offer a holistic approach to financial well-being.

The FOC offers career coaching, financial coaching, and access to income support such as food stamps, utility assistance and affordable health insurance.

FOCs aim to help people improve their financial outlook, as well as support generational impacts for the future.

Want to learn more? Contact us at (904) 730-8256 or email

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