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LSS Steps 2 Success client, formerly homeless, becomes financially independent

On a Christmas Eve in 2020, Kimba Clark found herself wandering the streets of downtown Jacksonville, hungry and homeless. Her days were spent seeking solace at the City Rescue Mission (CRM). But a chance encounter with a church ministry distributing goodie bags to the homeless would change her life forever.

At the ministry, Kimba met Michelle Hughes, the compassionate director of Lutheran Social Services' Steps 2 Success (S2S) program. The encounter filled her heart with warmth as she received a goodie bag and a heartfelt prayer from Michelle.

Inspired and motivated to change her circumstances, Kimba contacted S2S lead career coach, Stewart Miller. In January 2021, she took the first step towards a better life when she enrolled in the S2S program. With the help of bus passes and a food pantry voucher, Kimba could attend coaching sessions and access meals while working towards her goals.

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Her journey with S2S was marked by dedication and unwavering support. During her next meeting, Kimba underwent an assessment and vision screening to set clear long-term and short-term goals. Mr. Miller, her career coach, helped her in crafting a resume and initiated the job search. Meanwhile, Katrina Hall, her financial coach, provided guidance based on a comprehensive credit report review.

In a matter of just 30 days since joining S2S, Kimba was already making great strides. She secured employment at a janitorial company, kickstarting her journey towards financial independence. The first step towards her primary financial goal, paying off a creditor, was now within reach. Another significant milestone was to transition from homelessness to transitional housing. Mr. Miller's unwavering support connected Kimba with the Liberty Center for Women, leading to housing approval in just a month.

As the months passed, Kimba's dedication and determination remained steadfast. Eight months into the S2S program, her progress was nothing short of inspiring. She received two pay increases and a well-deserved promotion to a supervisor role at her job. Moreover, Kimba successfully reduced her debt, paid off the creditor, and began exploring permanent housing options.

Today, Kimba's transformation continues to blossom. She has maintained her job for over a year, achieving remarkable stability. With sheer perseverance, she moved into her own apartment, a symbol of newfound independence and security. Kimba's financial growth is equally impressive, with her credit score soaring by 65 points, and her savings increasing by an incredible 58%.

Kimba Clark's story is a testament to the power of resilience and unwavering support, proving that hope can thrive even amidst adversity. S2S played a pivotal role in her transformation, offering guidance, encouragement, and the tools she needed to build a better future.

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Let Kimba's inspiring journey inspire you to create positive change in the lives of others.

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