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Round Up Your Purchases to Help Your Neighbors!


Q: How do Round ups work? 

A: Every time you make a purchase your spare change will round up to the nearest dollar. 

For example: If you go to Starbucks and purchase a coffee for $4.50, $.50 will be donated to LSS. 

For example: If you go to the gas station and purchase gas for $20, $1 will be donated to LSS. 

Q: Can you set a limit on your monthly round-ups?

A: Absolutely! Once you have selected LSS and set up your method of rounding, you'll be directed to your dashboard. At the top left corner of your dashboard, you'll see three lines. Click on that and it will direct you to menu options. Select "Settings" and there you can choose your desired monthly giving amount. 

Q: If I link my banking information and/or credit or debit card to Roundit, is it secure?

A: You bet! Roundit has zero access to your bank information. Once you select your preferred method of donating spare change, Plaid blocks any and all banking information. Plaid is a financial services company that protects your personal information by encryption. Plaid is used by all major banks and financial institutions when you are on your financial apps.  Q: Will I see my purchases round-up at the cash register? A: No. The retailer does not have access to your Roundit app and where you are rounding up your change. Q: Why does the Roundit app ask for my banking information twice? A: When you sign up and designate LSS as your donation preference, you will be redirected to selecting your financial institution (this is where Plaid comes in and inserts a firewall to disable any personal information from being shared and where Roundit takes a back seat). Once you select your financial institution, you'll be asked which account or card you are authorizing for your round-up purchases to be withdrawn from. So essentially you are giving your financial institution the "ok" to make the round-up purchases through the account of your choice and Roundit the "ok" to connect your card or account while you are shopping or running errands just like any other day while using your card.

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