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LSS mental health therapist offers support to people living with HIV; mental health resource list included

Reggie Taylor

Meet Reggie Taylor, our mental health therapist in the ACE program at Lutheran Social Services of Northeast Florida (LSS). He provides counseling to ACE program clients living with HIV.

With a background in banking and mortgages, Reggie pursued a master's degree during the pandemic, graduating last summer to fulfill his goal of becoming a therapist.

Reggie now works at LSS, which has the most robust list of Ryan White HIV/AIDs services under one roof in Northeast Florida.

If you or someone you know is navigating an HIV diagnosis, don't hesitate to reach out to the ACE program at 904-448-5995.

As one of our newest team members, Reggie shares insights on mental health and ways to connect with providers.

If you're in need of mental health support, look at the end of this article for a list of local resources.

What inspires or motivates you in your work as a mental health therapist?

Helping people with their mental health issues is my greatest joy. I have a unique gift of relating to people, humanizing their issues, thinking outside the box, and helping them change their perspective on things.

What are some common mental health challenges individuals face, and how might they be compounded for those living with HIV?

Common mental health challenges that individuals face, since I've started are anxiety, depression, and fear (fear of failure, fear of rejection, and/or fear of abandonment). Clients living with HIV tend to have compounded trauma, lack of resources, and layers of hurt that I help them sift through and process. A lot of my clients have never gone to therapy and it is a joy to be able to be their first encounter with dealing with their mental health.

Can you recommend any mental health resources or support groups that you find particularly beneficial for individuals seeking support?

What advice would you offer to someone who may be hesitant to seek help for their mental health concerns, whether due to stigma, fear, or other factors?

Mental Health Resources in Northeast Florida

During Mental Health Awareness Month, the City of Jacksonville introduced Mental Health Matters Jax, a campaign packed with resources for the community. Explore this list of mental health resources in your area:

National Suicide Crisis Hotline

Dial 988

Spanish Suicide Hotline

Their mission is to improve care for the mentally ill by becoming a resource on mental health, connecting those who need help with providers, and providing financial assistance for those who need it.


NAMI Jacksonville

Offers free programs in safe environments to anyone touched by mental illness.


Helpline directory:

United Way

Provides a directory of mental health and substance abuse resources.

United Way Mental Health Directory:


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