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Former Client Leads Others on Path to Healing

  1. Quality medical care, offered onsite at a state-of-the-art HIV clinic operated by CAN Community Health

  2. Lifesaving medications

  3. Therapeutic interventions

  4. Psychiatric services and support groups

  5. Financial management and housing assistance

  6. Benefits assistance

  7. Onsite lab work, dental services and pharmacy

  8. PrEP services LSS has been serving individuals living with HIV/AIDS since 1992 and provided wraparound services to 1,600 clients last year. The success of our integrated approach to serving the whole client is evident; for the past two years, ACE has been recognized by the City of Jacksonville for obtaining the highest viral suppression rate of any HIV services agency in the area. That means our clients are so healthy that they are no longer capable of transmitting the virus! To support our work in HIV services or any other program, please donate today at: //

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