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Grow Hope with LSS

Grow hope means to cultivate a mindset and environment where individuals and communities can thrive, flourish, and envision a brighter future.

For nearly 45 years, Lutheran Social Services of Northeast Florida has been working to inspire hope to hundreds of thousands people by offering community services, including: 

Growing Hope at LSS

Patrick: Cultivating Hope Through HIV Advocacy

Lori: Feeding Families With Heart as a volunteer

YOU: Grow Hope in our community at LSS

Patrick grows hope in his community as a Patient Advocate at LSS' HIV Services. He guides individuals living with HIV  to resources and connections so his clients can have a brighter future .

Lori volunteers at the LSS Food Pantry most days of the week. She help package and distribute food to families visiting the pantry. The food pantry sees close to 100 families most days and Lori is one of many helping hands. 

Our staff in our five primary programs make growing hope every day at LSS possible. How will you Grow Hope in our community? 

How Will You Grow Hope Today?

There are many ways to cultivate hope in your life and in the community.
Help us grow hope by: 

Volunteering at the food pantry.

Offering a helping hand to neighbors in need.

Hosting a food drive.

Spreading positivity through random acts of kindness.

Mentoring youth.

Becoming a Monthly Donor.

'Grow Hope' as a Monthly Donor

As a monthly donor, you provide crucial support that directly benefits the community.
Here are some examples of how your monthly contributions make a difference:
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$25 provides

two hours of academic tutoring for one recently arrived refugee youth.

$50 provides

11 families with a week’s worth of emergency groceries to help them get through a time of hardship.

$100 provides

utility assistance for one client who experiences an emergency, while otherwise stabilizing their life.

$250 provides weekend meals for three children for an entire schoolyear.

Join the "Grow Hope" Challenge!

Are you ready to spread hope, positivity, and compassion in your community? Take the "Grow Hope" Challenge today and be a part of something truly impactful! Here's how you can get involved:


Take the Challenge:

It's easy to participate! Simply take a picture of "growing hope" in your community. Whether it's through volunteering, acts of kindness, or supporting others in need, your story matters.


Share Your Story:

Write a caption explaining how you contribute to growing hope in your community. Share your experiences, inspirations, and aspirations with us and the world to inspire others.


Spread the Word:

Tag us on social media (@lssjax on Facebook and @lss.jax on Instagram) so we can re-share your story to inspire others. Use the hashtag #GrowHope in your posts. This helps us track your contributions and amplify the message of hope to a wider audience.


Make a Difference:

Every post counts! By participating in the "Grow Hope" Challenge, you're contributing to a community of kindness and support that uplifts those who need it most.

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